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About Us

Our Team
Identity theft is a relatively new crime. But the team we have assembled to help you recover your identity is highly experienced. Team members have backgrounds in banking, credit checks and investigations. Because of our experience, we know how to contact the appropriate credit bureaus, financial institutions, credit card companies and other creditors about your ID theft. We know what to ask and how to watch your credit rating for telltale changes. And we know how to help you apply for new credit so you can continue your life. We're geared to move quickly and efficiently on your behalf.

We'll take care of it

Kelita Y. Leflore
Customer Service Representative

Amy Prusaitis
Customer Service Representative

Alex Arends
Certified Fraud Investigator


Secretary of State
Learn how you can replace a lost or stolen Michigan Driver's License.

Mi State Police

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Social Security Online

Don't panic if your Social Security number has been compromised.  Here's how to apply for a new card.

ID Theft News
Victims face long road to recovery. Read this article for details.

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