Jeremy Samkowiak

Technology Executive


Versatile business leader bringing 25 years of experience as an accomplished technologist. Strategic problem solver, change manager and visionary executive with success implementing plans to meet current and future needs. Key expertise in general technology, IIoT, wireless monitoring, hardware and software development, plastic molding and metal stamping industries.

about me

about me

Highly adaptable technology professional, with 25 years of experience in product, software and industrial IoT design and development, who is eager to leverage my experience to hone the next generation of technology leaders. I am excited to contribute to team success through a proven understanding of complex business objectives and the ability to derive value from translating those objectives into technology, when the business case supports it. I am highly motivated to teach, learn and be a valuable team member.

  • Team Leadership
  • Sync Tech & Business
  • Product Development
  • Windows/Web Development
  • iOS/Android Development
  • Wireless IoT Development

personal details

Full Name : Jeremy Samkowiak
Years in tech : 25+
Address : Montgomery, Texas
Phone : +1 (734) 434 - 7100
Email :
LinkedIn : Click here

Over 25 Years In Technology With 50+ Professional Projects Spanning Millions of Dollars

My Skills

My Skills

Most recently I have been engaged in the architecture, development, sale, management and support of an industrial internet of things wireless monitoring solution for the plastic injection molding and metal stamping industries. The system is based on patented technology primarily of my own invention and authoring. The system consists of wireless monitors, wireless repeaters, gateways, micro gateways, web portal and iOS/Android applications. The development was written solely by me other than some drivers on the wireless monitor board. This development effort was accomplished through the use of many technologies including XBee radios, Rigado modules using Nordic Semiconductor chipsets, C#, C++, ASP.Net MVC, Windows Server, IIS, MySQL, Xamarin, Visual Studio, JavaScript, Debian, Mono, NGINX, XML and more. For more information, please visit the Mold and Die Monitor Homepage.

professional skills

Team Empowerment
Business to Tech.
Tech Analyzation
Customer Engagement
Inter-Dept Communication
Brand Ambassador
Market Analysis
Strategic Planning

System Design
IoT Development
Software Development
Mobile Development
Hardware Development
IT Project Mgmt.

Business Planning
Team Mgmt.
Relationship Retention

Negotiation / Contracts
Data Analysis
Patent Process

Business Development
Compliance Oversight

software skills

C#, MySql, SQL Server & Compact Edition, Asp.Net MVC, MS Visual Studio, XBee, HTML, MS Access, MS Excel, MS Word, MS Windows (Server/Hyper-V/Desktop), IIS, iOS, Android, Xamarin
C, C++, JavaScript, Eclipse, MS PowerPoint, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, MS Exchange Server, Subversion, CentOS, Raspbian, 3rd party integration, AES Encryption Export out of USA, AJAX, Compact .Net, HIPAA Compliance, SQLite/EE. WCF, WPF, JSON, XML
Very Good
Adobe InDesign, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Acrobat, Adobe Dreamweaver, Cisco IOS, Git, MacOS, VMWare, ActiveX, Apache, eVB, HMail, Java, jQuery, Mono, NGINX, Objective-C, PERL, MS Project, MS Visio

Work Experience

Work Experience

Over the last 25 years I have been responsible for nearly all aspects of two different businesses. While in college I started the first business, Samko Technologies, Inc. to provide general hardware, network and office support for clients and then branched into software development, originally focused on inventory management. After the first 14 years in business, I sold the office support portion of the business to one of my employees so I could focus on product and software development. Five years later I became a partner in another business that services the plastic injection molding industry. This partnership led me to invent and patent the industrial internet of things, wireless monitoring solution known as the Mold and Die Monitoring solution.

Chief Technology Officer
Red E Innovations
Troy, Mi (Remote)

  • Jan 2015 - Current
  1. Directed wireless IoT monitoring hardware and software team's complex functionality objectives from inception through sale to fortune 100 companies.
  2. Supported current and emerging programs through interactions with key customers, partners and vendors.
  3. Maintained high-level knowledge of current and emerging technology developments and monitored market conditions to set accurate product pricing and take advantage of emerging trends.
  4. Demonstrated ability to simultaneously embrace macro-level strategic decisions and micro-level implementation while providing project leadership in dynamic technology-driven environment with multiple priorities.
  5. Maintained thorough understanding of all key and current technologies, platforms and trends which allowed me to coordinate third-party vendors and client IT teams to seamlessly deliver effective solutions.
  6. Designed and managed enterprise-level architecture, platform and data processes and protocols.
  7. Interpreted multifaceted technological issues, briefed executives on suggested actions and defined frameworks and detailed plans to alleviate concerns.
  8. Laid out complete business continuity plan to maintain data protection in event of disaster or long-term outage.
  9. Established, optimized and enforced business policies to maintain consistency and high-quality standards across industrial IoT wireless monitoring operations.

Samko Technologies, Inc
Troy, MI (Remote)

  • Jun 1996 - Current
  1. Assessed customer needs, proposed, architected, negotiated and developed optimal technology solutions for IoT wireless monitoring, ecommerce, chemical warehousing and delivery, inventory tracking, electronic medical record keeping, well patient visit optimization, tenant management, dental care, laser positioning, water flow pattern dispersion and more.
  2. Collaborated with customers, development teams and suppliers to verify delivery of quality requirements.
  3. Configured and managed physical/virtual servers for website/app/db/email hosting for hundreds of clients.
  4. Oversaw end-to-end business processes to maintain proficiency and profitability and devised and deployed sales and marketing tactics to drive strategic growth and to support achievement of revenue goals.
  5. Monitored staff performance, providing final-say assessment over all inquiries and served as primary point-of-contact with suppliers and contractors to exceed customer expectations.
  6. Stayed current with market to determine optimal pricing of services and to capitalize on emerging opportunities.
  7. Sold hardware support services of Samko to focus on product and software development and generated over $250,000 / year, for 6 years, operating alone and managing all business aspects including sales, discovery, contracts, development, hosting, support, etc.
  8. Employed prompt decision-making and in-depth research to resolve issues efficiently and effectively.

Lead Developer
Interep Interactive
San Francisco, CA

  • Mar 1999 - Jan 2000
  1. Developed intelligent online advertising platform with Java, MS SQL Server, MS Windows Server and several third-party integrations.
  2. Developed gaming website using Java, HTML, MS SQL Server and MS Windows Server.
  3. Reverse engineered Palm Pilot file system and developed system that allowed sales staff to synchronize Palm Pilot devices over the internet. The system was built using PERL, MS Windows Server, MS SQL Server.

Undergraduate Assistant / Programmer
University of Michigan Marine Hydrodynamics Laboratory
Ann Arbor, MI

  • Nov 1996 - Dec 1998
  1. Developed laser positioning/image capture software that analyzed the flow of titanium dioxide in water.
  2. Developed software to analyze image captures and create vector maps of the flow patterns of model engines used in ships for the US Navy. Software assisted in dissipating wave flow patterns approximately 90% earlier with minimal loss of propulsion.

Key Facts

Product Development

Invented, designed and developed patented technology and authored the patent documentation.

Customer Engagement

Successfully negotiated contracts with fortune 100 companies, hospitals and universities.


Project/team/vendor and supplier management, system level architecture, program specific implementation, data center monitoring and management, sales, negotiation, contracts, legal and support



Throughout the last 25 years I have been able to take part in many projects, spanning multiple technologies across many industries. Each and every project has not only helped to feed my insatiable desire for knowledge but has both inspired and challenged me along the way. Technology, on its own, with its ability to become an indispensable part of business processes and life in general, is truly daunting in its versatility and potential. In order to reach this potential, a team of enthusiastic individuals with common goals and clear, communicative and understanding leadership is of paramount importance. When you can effectively combine those two elements something greater than the sum of its parts can be brought into this world and it is in that moment that I feel a true sense accomplishment. There have been many successes, and also mistakes, along the way, but I am thankful for each and every experience that has brought me to this point and I hope to have the opportunity to share those experiences with others who may find value in them.

Supervised team of six directly and collaborated with teams of more than 10 on several development projects.

Designed and developed all aspects of an IIoT wireless monitoring system including requirements, documentation, monitor/ gateway/ repeater code, MS Windows/mobile apps and customer/admin web portals. The entire system other than circuit design / assembly.

Invented and authored patent application for patent publication number 20190342638 (Status: allowed and awaiting final issuance).

Developed the NEEC portal. A joint venture between the University of Michigan, and 11 other universities to provide a consistent naval engineering curriculum for all participating universities. Included student/class/file/video conference management and more.

Designed and developed an electronic medical record system and, separately, a system to optimize the performance/topics/staff on well patient visits, for Children's Memorial Hospital of Chicago.

Designed and developed mobile app, on-board storage software, and cloud synchronization platform for industrial flash drives including functions allowing administrators to create consistent branding, business rules, distribution/encryption options, and more.

Successfully obtained MS Windows Server certification for several projects and fulfilled requirements to become a MS Certified ISV.

Designed and developed all aspects of several projects including a customizable ecommerce platform used by customers in several industries. A chemical warehousing/packaging/shipping/MSDS tracking system, iOS games, enterprise-level smart online advertising system, gaming websites, over the web Palm Pilot sync and more.

Designed/deployed/managed/supported hosting solution used by hundreds of customers for web/app/db/email/backup hosting.

Key Facts

Industrial IoT

Developed wireless monitoring system from ground zero through contracts with fortune 100 companies.

Broad Knowledge

Experience in team and supplier management as well as development in several business sectors including industrial, medical, chemical and general warehousing, ecommerce, service, product development, product patenting and more.

Technology Expertise

With 25+ years in the industry, and a myriad of projects, I have experience with many technologies, vendors, suppliers, industries and business scenarios.



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contact me


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